Mobility & Walking Assistance Aids

Mobility scooters & aids are an ideal mobility aid for retaining independence while out and about

We also know that asking for help is scary, especially when you are not entirely sure what the best mobility aids or walking aids are going to be for you.

This is why, along with having a knowledgeable and friendly customer service team, we also have onboard with us an Occupational Therapist who can provide you with a consultation and provide you with their expert advice and guidance on daily living aids.

Make Life Easier With Walking Aids

At, we are dedicated to bringing you a wide range of walking and mobility aids to help you live independently.

With the highest quality mobility aids and walking aids, you can walk around freely, safely and comfortably with improved balance.

Our huge collection of walking aids are ideal for anyone with balance or mobility issues and offers extra support in the form of 4 wheel rollators, tri-walkers, walking sticks, seat canes and crutches, walking frames, wheelchair and shopping trolleys.

Walking Aids – Crutches

The crutches we have here at are available in a variety of bright colours, which not only looks good but are also a useful walking aid support for anyone who is living with dementia or other neurological conditions, as they are easy to identify amongst an array of mobility aids and equipment.

Our range of crutches also includes adjustable height crutches, extra weight-bearing crutches and crutches specifically designed for those who are living with arthritis.

Walking Aids – Rollators

Rollators can be essential mobility walking aids for anyone living with balance or mobility issues.

Rollators often have 3 or 4 wheels and come in a variety of different styles to suit personal preferences, as well as optional accessories such as seats, backrests and bags.

If you are wondering what type of rollator walking aid to go for, our expert guide can help you to choose a rollator that is perfect for you.

Walking Aids – Tri Walkers

Our collection of three-wheeled rollators or tri walkers can offer independence and confidence, making them an ideal mobility aid for anyone who may need more support to walk and carry out their daily tasks.

Three-wheel rollators are lightweight and feature the ability to fold down for easy storage and transportation.

These mobility aids are well known for their easy manoeuvrability, perfect for navigating the tight bends and narrow corners in your local shop. provides a range of traditional and contemporary designed mobility aids with additional features such as bags and baskets to hold belongings.

Walking Aids – Four-Wheel Rollators

Along with walking aids to help your outdoor pursuits, we also have an extensive range of four-wheel rollators for more urban activities. Four-wheeled rollators have the extra stability that four wheels provide.

Don’t let the fact that four-wheel rollators are lightweight make you think they aren’t strong though, they are incredibly robust and sturdy.

All-terrain rollators have been designed for the bumps and lumps of outdoor activities. These mobility aids have cutting edge technology in their tyres, wheels, brake systems and steering components.

Here at, we don’t think that all daily living aids need to be grey or beige. When you look at our range of walking aids, you will see that many of our mobility aids have contemporary designs that look classy, colourful and inviting.

Walking Aids – Portable Rollators

Many of our rollators are portable and have a foldable frame that can be folded up and easily put back together again. The portable rollators retain all of the existing features and reliability of their non-folding counterparts.

If you have any questions about any particular daily living aids and how portable they are, then please do get into contact with us and we will be more than happy to make sure all of your questions are answered.

Walking Aids – Shopping Trolleys

When you ask someone to picture a shopping trolley mobility aid, they inevitably think of the clunky black square shape with a tartan panel and noisy, hard, wheels.

Well, once you take a look at our range of shopping trolleys we are sure that this picture will change dramatically!

Walking Aids – Walking Frames

After crutches and walking sticks, the next step up the mobility aids ladder is Zimmer frames. also known as a walking frame, Zimmer frames are another example of a simple design being the best life solution for a mobility aid.

You may think that there is one type of walking frame, the grey one you see in hospitals, so you may be surprised to see how much zimmer frames choice there is in our online mobility shop! There are walking frames made to take more than the standard amount of weight-bearing that will provide extra support for bariatric users, folding walking frames that are easy to make portable in a matter of seconds, and colourful walking frames that have been specifically designed to be used by children.

For those that need more support, there are also walking frames with padded armrests to make walking more comfortable. If you choose the correct walking frame, it will help you to retain your independence and the frame will help you to enjoy daily tasks that have become painful and stressful.

What Walking Frame Do I Need?

If you have any questions give us a call and we will make sure that you can put the phone down safe in the knowledge that you have ordered a mobility aid walking frame that will help to make your life better.

Walking Aids – Walking Sticks

The original walking aid, the walking stick is as popular and useful as it has always been. (If you are interested we have written an article about the history of the walking stick here, with many interesting facts that will come in handy for family Zoom quizzes).

Walking Aids – Folding Walking Sticks

Portability has been a key improvement in the world of mobility aids, and, crucially, not losing any quality when compared to products that don’t fold.

Folding walking sticks have been carefully designed to be easy to take apart and put together again, but still remaining as strong, sturdy and reliable as their non-folding counterparts.

Our range of folding walking sticks will easily fold up to fit in a bag or pocket, and we know it’s easy because we try them out here.

How Do I Know Which Walking Stick To Choose?

If you are going to buy a mobility aid you are going to want a walking stick that improves your daily life and that will be long lasting.

For example, you may want to know if there are weight-bearing walking sticks or how to change the rubber ferrule (we have a guide on how to change a rubber ferrule here by the way). Or you may want to compare a wheelchair or scooters mobility with another in the same product range.

So, we have put together a handy guide on how to choose the right walking stick that you can read here.

Take a look and then if you still have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to pick up the phone to talk to us.

Mobility Aids

Our customer service team is always on the lookout for new and improved products, so if you want to know what is the best product for your needs, please do give them a call.

They will be more than happy to provide you with all the help and support that you need. From finding out if a particular walking stick is in stick, to help with choosing the best walking frame for you, you can rely on us to help make life easier.

Our customer service team work in the same location as our warehouse. We don’t have a sales team either, our customer service team will be your contact from when you first contact us and at all times after that.

Mobility Walking Aids – Mobility Scooters & Wheelchairs

If you are interested in a different type of mobility aid, we have a selection of wheelchairs and mobility scooters mobility items that you can find on our website here. There are three and four-wheeled mobility scooters, a mobility scooter that will fold down for transport and a heavy-duty weight-bearing mobility scooter. We also have wheelchairs and mobility scooters accessories, including bags and covers for wheelchairs and mobility scooters.

When it comes to buying a wheelchair, you want to make sure the right wheelchair for your particular needs. So, if you would like some advice on which wheelchair to buy, then you can have a read of our guide to buying a wheelchair which you can find here.

Of course, if you would like some help and advice on which wheelchair to choose, please do contact us. Many of the wheelchair mobility aids are in our warehouse. So if you have a query about a particular wheelchair feature, we can get the wheelchair out of the warehouse and answer your question while you are on the phone with us.

An electric mobility scooter can be a worthwhile investment for anyone with a disability or living with limited mobility. Our range of scooters consists of portable mobility scooters that fold down, as well as road-safe heavy-duty scooters with tons of additional features such as built-in lights, safety mirrors and high-grade wheels.

Our Range Of Mobility Scooters

Our Class 2 and Class 3 mobility scooters for sale have a variety of designs and 3 or 4 wheel drives. When mobility scooters are well-maintained and looked after, they can provide a stylish and independent solution to independent transport for people with disabilities or limited mobility.

The Different Types Of Mobility Scooters

Before deciding which scooter is right for you, consider what activities you might need help with and the size of mobility scooter that will work best.

Before we decide on a mobility scooter, it’s important to determine your personal needs. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions (for example, how small is a portable scooter?)

Small Mobility Scooters

Small scooters usually fold down to become portable mobility aids that allow you to keep them in your car boot.

Small scooters are often made with a lightweight frame to make them easier to transport. It is worth noting that this means their maximum weight capacity won’t be as high as with other mobility scooters.

Medium Mobility Scooters

Generally sturdier and able to transport more weight than small mobility scooters, medium scooters are suited for travelling at speeds of up to 6mph. A Medium mobility scooter will not be as portable as a small mobility scooter and they will be heavier. In order to travel on the road with a Class 3 Medium Scooter, you must register them first.

Large Road Legal Mobility Scooters

Large road legal mobility scooters, which are suitable for longer distances and rougher surfaces, can hold between 20 to 30 stone (up to a maximum of 250kg) in passenger weight.

An electric mobility scooter larger than 125cc is registered as a Class 3 vehicle, so it should have a license plate and driver’s license. A standard mobility scooter is limited to 8 mph on the street.

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