Daily Living Assistance Aids

Effective daily living aids can offer real peace of mind when it comes to staying safe and independent around the home.

At https://seniorliving.irish, we stock a wide range of daily living aids, household products and mobility aids that are designed to make daily tasks and life easier.

If you are looking to buy products to help a loved one, see our guide on choosing the right daily living aid.

Our daily living aids for the home are suitable for anyone living with a disability, health condition or finding it difficult to do certain tasks such as unplugging lights, reaching or turning keys and taps as they are designed to help make life easier.

Simple but practical daily living aids such as grabbers, indoor rails, plug pulls and key turners are the ideal addition to the home which makes these small tasks straightforward again.

We also supply aids to help with pet care, whether it’s for a senior pet that needs a little help getting around or if elderly or disabled pet owners need assistance with looking after their animals, the pet care range at Ability Superstore is here to help.

Grab Rails

Our wide range of grab rails will provide you with daily living support and help to make your life easier.

There are basically two types of grab rails, Indoor and outdoor. Indoor grab rails are usually made from high-grade plastic or steel and are fitted with screws or suction cups.

Outdoor grab rails are used in and around the outside of a home, usually to help with getting through a door or over an outdoor step

Daily Living Aids – Hearing

You may be surprised to know just how many daily living aids to help those with limited hearing are available.

We have a variety of disability aids, such as talking kitchen aids and talking clocks. We also have products that help to amplify sounds, from tv sound systems to volume-boosting telephones.

Lifts & Stairlifts

Lifts & stairlifts are disability aids to help transform your home and here at Ability Superstore, we are proud to partner with Companion who has many years of experience in converting homes with stair and home lifts.

Monitors & Alarms

Monitors and mobility alarms not only benefit the person using them, but they are daily living aids that provide some relief and peace of mind for the family or carers.

Many of our monitors, alarms are available with VAT Relief prices.

Phones & Electronics

We have big buttoned phones, both landline and mobile, that make calling a friend or family member simple. No complicated menu to scroll through or apps to navigate here with these everyday mobility aids!

We even have phones that remember your favourite telephone numbers. So, with these daily living aids, you don’t have to worry about losing a phone book or writing long lists of home and mobile numbers.


If you have limited mobility or strength, then using scissors can become tricky and stressful.

This is why you ought to look at the scissors we have for sale. From tabletop scissors to long-handled scissors, we are sure that you will find a pair of scissors to help make life easier.

Signage & Orientation

Incredibly useful to help those living with dementia and other forms of physical or mental impairment, our brightly coloured and easy to read signage and orientation aids will make everyday activities easier and provide some relief from living with this condition.

They are also very helpful daily living aids for use in hospitals and other healthcare organisations.


Steps are consistently one of our best selling walking aid products and are often used in conjunction with bathroom and toilet aids.

We also have outdoor steps that will assist you when you enter or leave your home.

Watches & Clocks

You wouldn’t necessarily expect to find watches and clocks when you search for mobility aids, but from clocks and watches that will speak the time out loud to clocks with larger than normal number displays without a complicated menu system, we have a timepiece for everyone!

Reaching & Gripping Aids – Everyday Tasks

For anyone living with arthritis, limited dexterity or low mobility, whether post-operative or due to an ongoing condition, everyday tasks such as reaching a shelf, bending down and gripping can be difficult and time-consuming.

With our complete range of long-handled daily living aids such as window pulls and litter pickers, closing/opening windows, picking up items off the floor or from high reach places has never been easier. Reachers and Gripping aids are also useful as dressing aids.

You can choose from a variety of mobility aids. Our gripping aids for daily tasks consist of handy gadgets such as plug tugs, safety grip scissors and turners for taps, keys and door handles which help provide extra strength and a firm grasp.

Safety Equipment

When it comes to feeling safe in your own home, it’s best to be prepared with the right household safety equipment.

At https://seniorliving.irish, we bring the best in home security daily living aids such as key safes, entry systems and doorbells which are useful to make your life easier and providing peace of mind and relief if you live independently with a disability or for elderly loved ones.

The home safety equipment daily living aids we provide are all easy to use as the collection is designed with safety and practicality in mind.

For people who may be prone to falling, wandering or for use in sheltered housing and care settings, our range of daily living aids and fall monitor aids with VAT relief prices will be helpful and provide signals and alerts to carers and family, helping to make life easier.

Looking After Pets

Part of daily life can mean looking after pets which isn’t always easy work. However, everyday tasks such as, feeding, walking, playing and bathing animals can be made easier with our range of independent daily living aids for pet care.

With raised bowls, supplements and dog mobility ramps which can help senior pets stay healthy and get around easily along with long-handled pooper scoopers, no-bend pet bowls and waterless pet shampoo which can help you look after them just as well.

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