“The product arrived promptly and in good condition. I pulled it out of the box and it unfolded easily. The tool pouch is easy to add and remove as needed. The cushions are comfortable for both kneeling and sitting.”

This reinforced gardening stool can help alleviate back and knee pain with its sturdy arms & frame
Easy to use & foldable. Comes with a sturdy base, removable tool pouch, & extra padded premium quality EVA Foam cushion to kneel & sit down

Kneeler For The Garden | Kneeler Garden Seat | Garden Kneeler Seat

Original price was: €149.Current price is: €119.


3 DAY JULY SUPER SALE … Don’t Miss Out

The reinforced structure of our gardening bench kneeler and seat is perfectly suited for those working in their gardens but cannot find relief from pain.

  • Product Dimentions 57cm | 22.5”(L) x 27cm | 10.6”(W) x 12.7cm | 5”(H). Weight: 2.6kg | 5.7 lbs
  • Can hold up to: 135kg | 300lbs

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Original price was: €149.Current price is: €119.

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“My husband and I are both over 65 and not the smallest people (our weight together is over 225kg | 500 lbs), but when the kneeler is flipped over into a seat, it was wide enough for each of us to sit comfortably. As a seat, it is very sturdy.”

“I’ve used it to garden, to put up my feet while reading on the deck, and have comfortably sat on it while watching the birds in the backyard.”

“This is a total win-win product. I was hesitant about spending the money, but it truly is worth every penny!!!”



The stable knee and garden bench is an ideal helper not only for garden work in a kneeling position. Simply by turning it over, the knee bench turns into a bench and serves you e.g. when repairing your bike as a comfortable seat.


Whether you use it as a knee or a garden bench, the comfortable upholstery will serve you well. Hold up to 135kg | 300 pounds great for holding to get up from the ground and will never fall down.



The knee and garden bench can be easily folded up so that it can be easily transported and stored in the garage, garden shed, or cellar to save space.



A storage bag not only makes it easy to organize your tools but also prevent the tools from being left in the garden

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Frequently Asked Questions About The Garden Kneeler & Seat

What makes a Kneeler for the Garden a must-have for gardening enthusiasts?
A Kneeler for the Garden is essential for comfort and knee protection while tending to your plants. It’s a game-changer for long gardening sessions.
How does a Kneeler Garden Seat enhance gardening experience?
The Kneeler Garden Seat offers a comfortable place to sit or kneel, reducing strain on your knees and back, making gardening more enjoyable and longer-lasting.
Is the Garden Kneeler Seat durable and weather-resistant?
Absolutely! Our Garden Kneeler Seats are made with high-quality, weather-resistant materials, ensuring longevity and durability in all weather conditions.
Can the Kneeler for the Garden be easily stored and transported?
Yes, it’s designed for convenience, being lightweight and foldable, making storage and transportation a breeze.
Does the Kneeler Garden Seat come with tool storage?
Many of our models include convenient pockets or compartments for storing your gardening tools, keeping everything you need within arm’s reach.
Is the Garden Kneeler Seat comfortable for prolonged use?
Definitely. It features thick, comfortable padding to support your knees and back, allowing you to garden for longer periods without discomfort.
What weight can the Kneeler for the Garden support?
Our kneelers are built sturdy and can typically support weights up to 250 pounds, catering to a wide range of users.
How easy is it to clean a Kneeler Garden Seat?
It’s very easy! The materials used are not only durable but also easy to wipe clean, requiring minimal maintenance.
Can the Garden Kneeler Seat be used on all types of terrain?
Yes, its design ensures stability on various surfaces, whether you’re gardening on grass, soil, or gravel.
What sets your Kneeler for the Garden apart from others in the market?
Our kneelers are designed with the gardener’s needs in mind, featuring superior comfort, durability, and practicality.
Is the Kneeler Garden Seat adjustable for different heights?
Some models come with adjustable height settings, making them versatile for users of different statures.
How long will a Garden Kneeler Seat last with regular use?
Crafted with top-quality materials, our kneeler seats are built to last for many gardening seasons.
Are there different styles and colors of the Kneeler for the Garden available?
Yes, we offer a variety of styles and colors to suit your personal preference and match your gardening gear.
Is the Kneeler Garden Seat suitable for elderly gardeners?
Absolutely, it’s perfect for gardeners of all ages, especially the elderly, as it reduces strain on the knees and back.
What is the price range of the Garden Kneeler Seat?
We offer a range of kneeler seats to fit various budgets, all providing great value for their price.
How does the Kneeler for the Garden help in preventing knee pain?
By providing a soft and supportive cushioning, it significantly reduces the pressure and impact on your knees.
Can the Kneeler Garden Seat be used for activities other than gardening?
Certainly! It’s great for any tasks that require kneeling, like cleaning, bathing kids, or DIY projects.
What is the warranty period for the Garden Kneeler Seat?
Our products come with a warranty period, assuring you of their quality and durability.
How can I choose the best Kneeler for the Garden for my needs?
Consider the height, weight capacity, padding comfort, and any additional features like tool pouches to find the perfect kneeler.
Do you offer customizations on the Kneeler Garden Seat?
While our range is quite diverse, we can look into specific customization requests to meet your unique needs.
What materials are used in making the Garden Kneeler Seat?
We use high-quality, durable materials like steel for the frame and foam for the padding, ensuring both comfort and longevity.
Is the Kneeler for the Garden easy to assemble?
Yes, it comes almost fully assembled, requiring minimal effort to start using it.
How does the Kneeler Garden Seat contribute to a safer gardening environment?
By providing stability and reducing the risk of knee injuries, it makes for a safer gardening experience.
What maintenance does the Garden Kneeler Seat require?
It requires very little maintenance, just regular cleaning and storing it in a dry place to ensure its longevity.
Can the Kneeler for the Garden support heavy-duty gardening tasks?
Yes, it’s designed to withstand heavy-duty use, perfect for all kinds of gardening tasks.
Are there eco-friendly options for the Kneeler Garden Seat?
We are committed to sustainability and offer eco-friendly options within our product range.
How do I store the Garden Kneeler Seat when not in use?
Its foldable design makes it easy to store in a shed, garage, or even indoors in a small space.
What safety features does the Kneeler for the Garden have?
It includes non-slip padding and a sturdy frame to ensure safety and stability during use.
How quickly can I receive my Kneeler Garden Seat after ordering?
We offer prompt delivery options so you can start enjoying your kneeler seat as soon as possible.
Do you offer any discounts or deals on the Garden Kneeler Seat?
We frequently have promotions and discounts, so keep an eye on our website or sign up for our newsletter for the best deals.
What is the manufacturer's weight limit?

At 105kg | 230 lbs. I have no problem and feel no give or stress on the unit. I find the unit very well constructed. The pads are stable and well constructed.

When it is the down position, can you put your hands on the side members and raise yourself up?
If you mean when the “seat” is at the lowest, then yes, you can absolutely raise yourself up by using the sides to support yourself. This is a great buy!
Is the material between the two foam pads plastic or metal?
On the long edges, it’s metal & on the short edges (the depth) it’s plastic. Feels like really strong plastic though. I’m happy with mine…it’s really sturdy & has held up so far.
How hard is it to open and close? My hands are arthritic.
It is not very hard. The latches are spring-loaded and it requires a few pounds to force to unlatch the stool’s legs. You can use two hands, which makes it that much easier.
Enhance Your Gardening Comfort: Discover the Best Kneeler Garden Seat

Gardening, a serene and enriching activity, often comes with its set of physical challenges. One common issue faced by gardening enthusiasts is the strain on knees and back. This is where a “Kneeler Garden Seat” becomes an essential tool. Not just a comfort accessory, a garden kneeler seat is a fusion of functionality and relief for gardeners of all ages.

What is a Garden Kneeler Seat?

A Garden Kneeler Seat is a versatile gardening accessory designed to reduce knee pain and back strain. It usually features a comfortable padding for kneeling, which flips to become a seated bench for resting. Made from durable materials, these kneelers are designed to withstand the outdoor environment and provide stable support.

The Benefits of Using a Kneeler Garden Seat

Using a garden kneeler seat can transform your gardening experience. It provides a soft cushion to protect your knees from hard and uneven ground. When flipped over, it serves as a seat, allowing you to take breaks or perform tasks like pruning at a comfortable height. This dual functionality makes it an excellent investment for avid gardeners.

Key Features to Look for

When shopping for a garden kneeler seat, consider the following features:

  • Durability: Look for weather-resistant materials that can withstand the elements.
  • Comfort: Ensure the padding is thick and comfortable for prolonged use.
  • Portability: A foldable design is ideal for easy storage and transport.
  • Weight Capacity: Check the weight limit to ensure it meets your needs.

Using Your Garden Kneeler Seat Effectively

To get the most out of your garden kneeler, use it for tasks that require prolonged kneeling or sitting. When kneeling, position yourself comfortably and make use of any handles to reduce strain when standing up. As a seat, adjust the height to suit your task, whether it’s weeding or harvesting.

Care and Maintenance

Maintaining your garden kneeler seat ensures its longevity. Clean it regularly to remove soil and moisture, and store it in a dry place when not in use. Inspect it periodically for signs of wear and tear.

Conclusion: A garden kneeler seat is more than just a tool; it’s a companion that makes gardening more enjoyable and less taxing on your body. Whether you’re an experienced gardener or a beginner, investing in a “Garden Kneeler Seat” can significantly enhance your gardening experience.


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